Welcome to Trillium Hall!

Trillium Hall is an unofficial Virtual Reality Hangout for the people of Ealdormere. You are probably here because you know already that Ealdormere is a Kingdom within the Society for Creative Anachronism, and that it is compromized of many chapters throughout Ontario, Canada. And you probably know that the Society for Creative Anachronism is, perhaps too simply, a medieval recreation group. But if you didn't know this, you would do well to check out the Ealdormerean Web Page to learn a little about what we do and love.

Furthermore, Trillium Hall is built on a VR platform called Hubs by Mozilla, and is currently hosted on their free server. The room itself was created by T. Shawn Johnson (ska Robyn Whystler).

QUICK GUIDE to Navigating the Ethereal Middle Ages

You can visit Trillium Hall on your cell phone, on your desktop/laptop computer, and also using a VR headset. No sign up or app download is required. However, signing up to Hubs is advantageous, as it allows you to specify a nickname and save your avatar (the body you will wear). Enter the link (or click the one provided below) when using any compatable web browser (Firefox, and Google Chrome are two examples that do work).

Mobile Phone Use: You can move forward by moving two fingers on the screen with an outward motion as you would when you zoom in. You can move backward with the opposite pinch motion, as you would when you zoom back out. To turn, you can swipe in the direction you want to turn, or you can even just turn your phone. Also, Facebook is weird. Your activity is couched in a frame (to track your web movements) whenever you click a link from within facebook. Unfortunately, this breaks the functionality of the Hubs platform. Hubs will automagically give you the opportunity to copy the link to your clipboard and request that you paste it in a web browser outside of Facebook.

Desktop/Laptop Computer Use: You can move forward and back with the up and down cursor arrows on your keyboard. The side arrows will move you sideways, but not turn you. You can turn with your mouse, or by using the Q and E keys.

VR Headset Use: There may be other ways to do this, but I found the easiest way is to install the Firefox Reality Browser. It allows you to browse the web inside your headset. Once you do, you can come to this page, and click the link below. Move and look around as you would normally do with your device. Joystick and teleporting movement are both supported by the room. You should also be able to downlaod the Hubs app with some headsets. However, I have oddly not been able to do so with the Quest (which is owned by facebook...who coincidentally is in the process of trying to develop their own VR platform...)


At present, you will likely enter the room as a robot, which you may not feel suitable for the space. There are many pages of avatars to choose from, however not many period ones exist just yet. I would suggest flipping through a few of the avatar pages until you come to the renaissance faire style avatars I retexured for use in Hubs. Later, you can learn how to retexture your own avatar using whatever paint program you love.

AH, to avoid any suprise, it's important to note that you will not have legs, or arms. You will be a floating torso. And you will have hands, if you are using a VR headset.

SO EXCITING! Ready for Chat!?

Oh you are eager! Before you head into the room, you need to understand a few simple things about chatting in Trillium Hall:

1. You can voice chat easily using your computer or phone's microphone. Ensure that your Hubs microphone is unmuted by clicking the microphone symbol, as you will enter the room with it automatically muted. It is very easy to assume you are being ignored in VR, when in fact your microphone isn't transmitting. Browser settings and computer settings are things to check if you are having trouble being heard.

2. You can also chat by typing in the chat window, however, not everyone watches the chat window, so be patient if it seems like no one is paying attention to you.

3. DO use headphones or earbuds. Nobody likes audio feedback and it will happen without headphones or earbuds, prompting people to mute you.

4. Follow all the known ettiquette and rules for behaviour in the Society for Creative Anachronism, as well as laws governing Ontario and Canada. Also, never assume your conversations are private. While no one is aiming to listen in, it is easy to not see someone in the room.

Please Do Not Click the Link Below, Until You Have Read all of the Above Information at Least Once

There are so many more things you could know, but you'll figure them out on your own. Alright, in you go!


Known Issues

-I have some small lighting issues to work out. At this writing I have worked for three days on lighting this space properly, and it's never quite right! :) So please be patient with light leaks, and some dirty corners. I wanted to not spend a year perfecting it, before letting you all come play in it.

-There will be spots, especially around stairs, where you may feel your movement is being impeded. This is because the auto navigation mesh created by Hubs is not perfect. At some point, I will make the navigation mesh myself, but I want to wait for a bit.

-I don't like the current fire ... It's kind of bouncy and fun, but I continue to search for a better alternative. Hubs features a particle system, which in a perfect world would make a great fire. Unfortunately, it causes a fair amount of lag because it generates lots of images that your computer must download. A solution is to use a simple square for fire particles, but I'm not sure that floaty uppy squares would make most of you happy in a fireplace. Let me know if I'm wrong about that. The current fire is the only thing in the room that is not mine. It exists as an external object downloaded from Sketchfab.

Here Are Some Instructions to Make Your Own Custom Avatar:

Before you click this link, understand that this is a fun and easy process, but it's a little more advanced than just visiting the room. There are plenty of pre-made avatars that you can choose while you're there. So leave this customizing step until after you've explored Trillium Hall the first time. But if you've done that and you're now ready to paint your own avatar, then go for it and Make It Yours!